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5 Steps to Create Longer Leaner Legs

June 8, 2014 admin

Want Longer Leaner Legs? Here’s 5 simple steps to get you closer:

    1. Start with the end in mind: Knowing what type of look you want is paramount to constructing the relevant programme. It’s no use wanting to have the legs of an ultra thin cat-walk model, and doing heavy squats day after day! Know your end goal, and train with that in mind.
    2. Posture: Without paying close attention to your postural habits and weaknesses, there can be little gains in the way of shaping your legs. Weak arches and inactivity of the hips will not only lead to poor standing posture, but will also result in very minimal changes being made. Pay attention to weaker muscles first, and then to shaping the rest.
    3. Stretch: Stretching is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t end up having lean muscular looking legs, that make you move like you’ve just finished a 100k horse ride. Aside from being a fantastic way to recover from all the hard work you’ve put in at the local gym, stretching is great for posture, agility and grace!
    4. Eat small meals, often: Aside from improving metabolism (one byproduct of the digestion process), eating light meals will keep your hunger at bay. This will result in better choices when it comes to selecting which foods are best for each body shape.
    5. Rest, Recovery, Relaxation: The most important thing to do is not to stress the small stuff. Stick at it, know your goals and over time you’ll begin to see some pretty awesome results! Getting your shape to have longer leaner legs is a process, results are the product of hard work, though it’s worth it in the end.

Feel free to leave comments below, and any shaping tips for the community that have worked for you.


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