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Star in your own workout video



Fit For Film


We have teamed up with PUNQ.TV to give you high quality moving images that you’ll be proud to show your friends. FIT FOR FILM is the latest in a new wave of exercise plans designed by Peter Cobby Fitness.

In just 8 short weeks, you’ll experience total physical change. FIT FOR FILM addresses key lifestyle areas that may be holding your progress back. Working alongside your trainer, you’ll spend up to 2 hours a day focusing on posture, muscle tone, weight management and nutrition to enhance your figure and define your curves. FIT FOR FILM is about making you feel confident, and proud of your body.

FIT FOR FILM is about doing things right; with minimal distraction in a time saving manner. You’ll be taken through a bespoke training and nutrition plan, then performing the necessary steps with your own personal fitness coach. We’ll meet you at your desired location to ensure no time is wasted in attaining the best possible results.

On completion, you’ll hold onto the memory and continue your progress with a personalised workout video, with YOU as the star. All necessary adjustments and technique requirements that are particular to you will be expressed in the film. Ensuring you are constantly progressing, and that you are always in peak form.

This is the same plan used by Peter Cobby to get actors ready for the screen and models in shape for the camera. The workout video is to celebrate your efforts. This package gains its success from a process-driven focus. Where daily tasks are set and adhered to to create a stunning, camera-ready body. Your lifestyle, practice and training are geared toward delivering the best possible results in the shortest possible time. كونكر خدمة العملاء

During shooting, we’ll be using a setting of your choice. Whether it’s your home, your local gym or a nearby park. We also have several locations throughout London that deliver a breathtaking backdrop to your film. بينجو العاب Your coach and the film crew from PUNQ.TV will guide you through your training plan.

This video is for you to take away so you can continue the progress. The video will be a momento for you to look back on in years to come as the best physical state you were ever in. جدول ونتائج الألعاب الأولمبية لعام 2024

Clients can expect to lose on average 16 lbs on the #fitforfilm plan. With requests for preparation for everything from film prep to Red Carpet events, #fitforfilm has been the trusted system to deliver results. We have been fortunate enough to work with these people on their most important days. We respect that they want everything to be the best it can possibly be.

Fit For Film Packages run for 8 weeks. Starting from just £4,990 and include our signature “PULSE” training sessions along with full nutrition support from an internationally recognised dietitian.



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