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Lingerie Models Figure

June 18, 2014
June 18, 2014 admin

Six simple steps you can take right now to get a lingerie models figure

What is it that the lingerie models are doing, that the rest of us aren’t?

Though we may not all have the face of a supermodel, we can have the body. الباى بال Following a few simple lifestyle rules will bring you that one step closer to having a body that others can’t seem to stop staring at.

Try the following tips to get your body in top shape:

  1. Posture: Though there are a lot of models out there with poor posture, the successful ones all seem to have this trait in common; they convey confident, upright posture that is accompanied by graceful movement.
  2. Eat clean: This seems to be the buzz of the minute and means a lot of different things to different people. خريطة رالي داكار 2024 It is however a good rule of thumb. When placed in a situation where you have the option to eat a piece of cake, or a few brazil nuts, the answer should be quite simple. Natural wins over artificial every time. Select organic fruit and veg, grass fed meat products and quality nuts. Basically, if it’s gone through any form of preparation to get to the supermarket, you can rest assured there are better options.
  3. Train daily: I’m often asked how often you need to train to be in top shape for the camera. The answer is easy. If you are committed wholeheartedly to a goal, there is something you can be doing to get you closer everyday. Recovery from exercise is important comes in two forms: passive (sleep) and active (light movements or exercise) and both should be utilised. Though you can’t train hard everyday, some level of periodised exercise should be used.
  4. Periodise: Though resistance training is good for muscle density and tone, constant work is going to build muscle. So many trainers are spouting the line that you won’t put on muscle because you’re a girl! Bollocks! If you work a muscle it will grow. Cycling your training between heavy, medium and light periods (e.g. weeks or months) is the best way to tone up and improve overall health.
  5. Pay attention to body fat percentages: Too high and you’ll just look overweight, too low and you run the risk of impairments in bodily functions (i.e. hormone transfer and nutrient transportation). Women should not be below 8-12% as this is detrimental to your health and men below 3-5%. Having slightly more than these markers will ensure veins are not visible.
  6. Be realistic: When you see a photoshopped image of your favourite model, take a moment to go online and view their image without all the bells and whistles. You might be surprised at just how close you really are to having that perfect lingerie models figure.

Featured Image of Adrian Lima from Huffington Post